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Tandem Portable Buildings helps you create more space for the things and activities you love.

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Our primary goal is to help you create more space without sacrificing money, usability, or style. A portable building is a perfect fit for those that need more room for storage, or want a separate space for the activities that they love. Your new portable building can be used as a remote office, a workshop, a music room, or even an art space!


Our buildings are made to give you the things you need from a portable structure. If you have special requirements for your portable building, let us know! Chances are, we can fabricate your structure to fulfill your functional needs and your desired aesthetic style. We believe the way our products look is just as important as the purpose they serve.


Functional buildings with great style shouldn’t break the bank. Because our portable buildings are built in a factory with scalable, efficient, and cutting-edge construction technology, we save you thousands over a comparable traditionally-built structure. Plus, they’re held to the same high quality and safety standards as any manufactured home.

Built Custom.

Built For You.

At Tandem Portable Buildings, our mission has always been to “Help you create more space for the things and activities you love.” That means that our products are built with usability, functionality, and flexibility in mind. And that starts with your individual needs and desires. People from all lifestyles and interests have different uses for an external space; in fact, we’re always interested to hear what our customers will use their portable buildings for. The bottom line is that whether you need privacy, storage space, or a miniature home away from home, a Tandem Portable Building is a great choice.


Function Meets Form.

Tandem Portable Buildings are well-known for their functional benefit as an addition to any property. When it comes to our product, we believe the way it looks is equally as important as the purpose it serves. That’s why we don’t sacrifice design when considering the best way to construct a portable and space-efficient structure. We give you the freedom to customize materials, finishes, and colors to match your unique style and creative vision.

Durable & Long Lasting.

Experience Quality Construction.

Tandem Portable Buildings are built with the philosophy that worrying about whether your structure will stand the test of time should be the last thing on your mind. We don’t leave quality construction up to chance. All of our structures are built in a highly-regulated, climate-controlled factory environment, using only the highest quality materials. We hold our portable buildings to the same rigorous quality and safety standards that we would any regular-sized  factory-built home, so you can rest assured your Tandem Portable Building will serve you well for many years.

Photo Gallery

Tandem Portable Buildings offer finishes and colors to match any design aesthetic or personal taste. No matter what your needs dictate, we can accommodate the look and feel that you’d like. Take a look below and see the difference that a custom, factory-built portable structure can make. Our buildings not only get built quickly and last for years, but look great too!

Step Inside a Tandem Portable Building

With our revolutionary 3D Tour technology, we’re able to give you an interactive virtual walkthrough of our portable buildings. See for yourself what it’s like inside one of our buildings and explore the space from any vantage point with a full 360 degree view.

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